No harm to health

When using our paints, you can be certain that they will not have an adverse effect on your health and the health of the people around you.

Solvent free

Unlike conventional paints, Maalermeister paints do not contain solvents that evaporate as the paint dries, causing harm to our health as we breathe in those vapours.

Good coverage

Due to good-quality raw materials, high dry substance content and zero solvents, a litre of Maalermeister paint will cover more surface area than a conventional paint could.

Made in Estonia

Our paints are manufactured locally. Furthermore, when making linseed oil paint and Ella wall paint, we use oil pressed from flax grown in Estonia.

No nasty odours

When you are applying the paint and then allowing it to dry, you get none of the unpleasant smells typical of conventional paints because our paints contain no synthetic fragrances or preservatives and no harmful loose particles. Of course, our paints are not completely odour free, as each paint has its natural smell.

Nature friendly

Using paints, that consist of only natural ingredients, does not pollute the environment.

Air moisture release

As Maalermeister paints do not create a film-like impenetrable layer on the surface, any moisture trapped under the surface will be gradually released into the air, thus ensuring that the applied paint layer does not become detached. When the paint layer allows the trapped moisture to escape, it also results in a more balanced indoor atmosphere.

Strong traditions

Our paint recipes originated many centuries ago, so these paints have been tried and tested and found excellent – time and time again. Maalermeister linseed oil paint shade range is derived from local traditions, taking into account most used colour preferences.



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