About Us

Reesi Sild

Graduated from EKA (Estonian Academy of Arts) with a degree in cultural heritage and restoration, began master`s studies in art history at the University of Tartu. For more than four years worked in the Heritage Service of the Tartu City Government as a specialist for areas of cultural and environmental value. Is active on the board of NGO (non-profit organisation) Tartu Information Centre for Sustainable Renovation. A co-owner of Hea Maja Pood (The Good House Store).

Kati Männik

The last eight years, has worked in the field of renovation and restoration. For several years, ran the work of the NGO (non-profit organisation) Viljandi Information Centre for Sustainable Renovation. Graduated from EKA (Estonian Academy of Arts) with a Master´s Degree in cultural heritage and restoration, has previously studied geography at the University of Tartu. Co-owner of Hea Maja Pood (The Good House Store).

About Maalermeister

The paints of Maalermeister are special. They have been mixed together according to old recipes from carefully selected ingredients right here in Estonia. One of the objectives of Maalermeister paints is to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional paints without compromising the ease of use. By improving the recipes that have been tried and tested over centuries we have created paints that are perfectly suitable for modern homes.

Even in the first half of the 20th century, the painter´s job was to consider the surface and then, using natural ingredients and proven recipes, mix together the desired paint. Nowadays, only a few people are willing to make their paints from scratch, as many prefer less time-consuming options. Maalermeister paints have been created with these kind of people in mind. Our paints are not only convenient to use but finished surfaces look lovely and nature friendly composition causes no harm to the environment or users health.

Maalermeister paints are not limited to traditional recipes only as different combinations of natural ingredients allow to create a variety of products that meet the modern easy-to-use requirement. Therefore, to our powdered paints you only need to add some water and our ready-for-use paint jars wait to be opened so that you could start painting.

Maalermeister – old recipes, new quality!

Our mission

Using natural paints has been a wonderful experience for us. Maalermeister paint line was born out of a desire to offer everyone an opportunity to use traditional paints. By making the use of natural paints as simple as that of conventional paints, we hope to shatter the myth that natural paints are something unusual and troublesome. Natural paints deserve a place both in new as well as historic buildings. Paints that are free of petrochemicals and solvents are also eco-friendlier. Making environmentally sustainable choices is especially important at the time when consumer society is showing signs of overheating. We take pride in the fact that Maalermeister products help to safeguard our health and keep the environment cleaner.