Insulating varnish

Insulating varnish

Shellac-based insulating varnish can be used for coating knots on wooden details. It prevents sap from oozing through the finishing coat. Insulating varnish is recommended for priming putty grooves before puttying, to help it last longer. Varnish is also good for insulating unknown stains and leakages before painting.

Uses: suitable for wooden and plastered surfaces.

Priming conditions: the surface to be primed must be clean and dust-free, temperature above +12°C, humidity below 60%.

Surface preparation: previously painted surface must be cleaned of loose paint. Remove any dirt and dust.

Priming: Before use, the primer should be thoroughly mixed. Using a brush, apply an even coat of primer.

Additional information



25–30 m²/ 1L (oksalakina)


30 min (+18°C)


Šellak, piiritus




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