Lime casein paint

Lime casein paint

Lime casein paint is a traditional distemper for finishing walls and ceilings in dry and damp interior spaces. Lime content turns the paint water-insoluble and adds hardness to the surface of the paint, making it resistant to damp conditions. Since lime has antiseptic qualities, it extends the shelf life of ready-made paint and promotes resistance to mould. Upon drying, the shades of paint become much lighter, resulting in a lovely matt and light reflecting surface. Lime casein paint is an ideal choice for someone who wants both the lovely matt look of casein paint and better resistance to humidity.

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Uses: Lime casein paint can be used in dry and damp spaces for, above all, finishing plastered surfaces but it can cover masonry, concrete, gypsum and fibreboards as well.

Coverage: Apply primer to the surface to be painted (1 layer, 2 layers for clay plaster) and paint twice. Coverage depends on absorption and texture of the substrate. Approximate coverage can be found in the Instrucions to Use file below or by clicking the link additional information on the left.

NB! Before using the product, please read the instructions.

Additional information


Pulbrilisel kujul liimvärv, veega segatav


Värv kuivab ja on ülevärvitav ca 3 tunniga (+18°C).
Värv saavutab lõpliku tugevuse 2 nädala jooksul.


Savikrohv 3–5 m², lubikrohv 4–6 m², papp, kipsplaat 5–7 m²/1L


Pintsel, rull


Kriit, kaoliin (valge savi), mica (vilgukivi), talk (asbestivaba), kaseiinpulber, kustutatud lubi, metüültselluloos, sooda


Kuivanud värv vees ei lahustu, veeauru läbilaskev ehk difuusne


Märgpuhastatav puhta harja või lapiga




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Colour chart

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